Julie Romanowski

Mom, Children's Behaviour Specialist

Owner of Miss Behaviour!

Julie Romanowski is Miss Behaviour!  She is an educated, trained and certified 'Early Childhood Consultant' and 'Children's Behaviour & Discipline Specialist'. You can find Julie working and being a ​Mother, Coach, Leader, Educator, Author, Speaker & founder of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach & consultant services. 

With 22 years of experience working directly with children, parents & families from all around the world in a variety of settings, Julie has helped many Parents like doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs  & stay-at-home-mom's - improve the connection and communication with their children which then helps increase the quality of life for everyone. 

She is a 'Children's behaviour & discipline specialist', that covers the areas of anxiety, child development, communication and connection with an approach that is positive and respectful. Julie is excellent at teaching Parents key skills and techniques to understand and enjoy raising their children both during one-on-one consultations and through speaking at her amazing workshops that she does all around the world!

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