Lisa Aschenbrenner

Mom, Registered Holistic Nutritionist,

Owner of Real Food For Thought

Lisa Aschenbrenner is a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN).  Lisa knows that feeling of intense worry when health issues arise.  After seeing firsthand the impacts of food and nutrients and environmental changes in her own kids development and family health, she wanted to help others with their health challenges, specially in the world of children’s development and Autism.

Lisa personally started in this area in 2002 and graduated from the CSNN RHN program in 2012, and she has extensive training in Autism(ASD) and Bioindividual Nutrition to analyze and recommend individually customized diets and nutrients to improve symptoms at the root cause.  Her goal is to create hope and inspire motivation so kids and families can meet and exceed their potential for happy, healthy, and successful lives.

Lisa has a private nutrition consulting practice in Kelowna, called Real Food For Thought. She is also a nutritionist at InspireHealth, a supportive cancer clinic.  

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