Don't Forget Me in the Car!


(please read and share - someone's life depends on it!)

Sadly, yesterday the headline news reported that two toddlers died from hyperthermia after being left in their car seats in a parked vehicle. A 3-year-old in Burlington, ON and a 1-year-old in Nashville, TN. While our hearts go out to the parents and families of these little ones, being an educational organization we feel it is our duty to use these examples to prevent any further deaths.

On average, 37 kids die from being left in a hot vehicle every year! Within an hour of being parked in the sun, the cabin air temperature of your vehicle exceeds 47 / 116 degrees! And kids can't regulate their body temperature as easily as adults can. While these deaths are tragic, they're also preventable! First of all, we've ALL said "this would never happen to me!"! Chances are, even the parents who are now grieving the loss of their child said this! So, how do we ensure this NEVER happens to us???

1) Put your purse, wallet and phone in the back seat. Sadly, even though our child is infinitely more important than these things, our routine often is to first check our phone or drop our keys in our purse when we get to our destination - before thinking about other passengers.

2) Talk to your child. Regardless of how young they may be - sleeping or awake. If you're having a conversation with someone, chances are you won't forget they are in the vehicle with you.

3) Do the opposite of #1. Bring something of theirs up into the front seat with you. A stuffed animal, a bottle, or anything baby/kid related. Again, when you get to your destination and you see the toy that's in your lap or in the cup holder beside you, you'll remember them too!

4) Finally, no matter what precautions you take (e.g. cracking a window, or providing water), you should never leave a child unattended in your vehicle for an extended period of time. We recognize how hard it is to wake your sleeping baby, or bring kids with you to the store. If it's an issue, call a friend to come with you and trade off going into the store. Or deter your shopping trip for when you have a partner or someone to help you care for the kids at home while you go shop, or help you with them while you shop.

Obviously, we can't change the numbers of deaths to ZERO this year, but at the very least, lets work together to begin reducing the national average!

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