Food for Thought

I’ll be the first to admit that my kids’ diet is not the best.

When we just had 1 child it was must easier to make baby food from scratch, or take the time to experiment with recipes and discover foods together.

It was also easier to share a healthy breakfast smoothie, enjoy meals together, and plan fun picnics in the backyard just me and my little man. He was also a dream child until the age of 2, as he willingly tried everything we gave him and thoroughly enjoyed everything from curry, to fish, to pasta, and “normal” kid-friendly meals.

Fast-forward a couple years and we now have 3 children, 4 and under, all at different developmental stages, and all suddenly revealing different dietary needs and restrictions (and also preferences—dream child has now turned on us ;)).

I admit I started off with good intentions for the twins, making them homemade muffins, blending up homemade baby foods to try, but then due to stress, time restraints, and feeling overwhelmed, I then rapidly declined into the world of pre-made, pre-packaged, just-add -water oat cereal blends, applesauces, pouches, and the like.

Now that the kids are a bit older, we’ve tried more wholesome recipes and done our best to incorporate greens and sneak veggies into their favourite pasta or pizza, but sometimes, they end up eating a lot of veggie straws and goldfish crackers.

All we can do is keep trying our best to provide healthy options, and keep our fingers crossed they choose those options. Thankfully this past week they all loved the green smoothie I concocted, but believe me when I say I’ll be taking lots of notes in the nutrition session!

If you’re like us, struggling to find recipes your family will eat, or wanting to be inspired again in family food and nutrition, be sure to check out the nutrition breakout session at the Parenting 101 Conference next month with Lisa Aschenbrenner , owner of Real Food For Thought — you won’t be disappointed!

Bon appetit!


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