He's a Crunchy Kid

Is your child a picky eater? Our 2-year old, Ethan, consumes less than 600 calories a day - and that comes exclusively from three items: chips, goldfish crackers and veggie straws.

We've seen nutritionists and dietitians and other "professionals" about this - and no one has any answers for us. Somehow he is still growing, healthy and functioning properly - with the exception of his 'hangry' outbursts and waking up multiple times every night with what we can only assume are hunger pains.

He won't even entertain the idea of eating new items. Even items that any other 2-year old would lose their mind for. He had his second birthday earlier this month, and we got him and Madison (his twin sister - who eats EVERYTHING) cupcakes for their birthday. Or maybe more accurately, cup-ICINGS, seeing as there was only one bite of cake topped with about seven bites of icing! He wouldn't even open his mouth. He took one look at the box which had six different flavours, colours, and designs to choose from, and ran away. Madison on the other hand went head first into the box and didn't surface again until the sugar coma had set in.

So, we have taken matters into our own hands - as that is all we have left. Our kitchen is now 'dip central'. We have identified the obvious... he is a crunchy kid. So am I, but I love my dips even more (the chip is just the mechanism to get the dip into my mouth) - and I am now modeling that for him, hoping he mimics and starts to get some vegetables, protein and nutrients into his system.

Guacamole, (a million flavours of) Hummus, Spinach & Artichoke, Chicken & Cheese, Black Bean, Tzatziki, you name it! Sure, not all have been home runs... but we have been surprised at how many have gotten the double dip!

We know that picking eating is a normal part of a child's development, we also know that they want independence and are more open to trying new foods if you avoid pressuring them. But it's frustrating. I spend an hour making this awesome meal for my family, and within seconds of serving it I see my kids refuse to eat it. There are not many things in my day, more discouraging than that.

In the end, all I'm left with is knowing that we as parents have the greatest influence on our children's eating habits and attitudes. Essentially, we're not that evolved are we? We all grow up eating the exact same things and in the same ways that our parents did.

So be that role model for your kids even if that means double dipping a few times!

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