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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Planning for your kids' future is daunting especially in my life seeing as I can't even get them to go to bed on time or eat anything that is green. I did subscribe to RESPs the day each of my kids were born though. It's not very much, in fact it's laughable. I think I stash away $50 a month for each of my three kids. But that's about all I've done in terms of thinking about their futures.

However, not everyone is at the same point in their parenting journey. You may have kids in high school already and this is probably on your mind a lot more than it is on mine. Your RESPs are ripe and almost ready to be cashed in. Well, I want to tell you about a school I went to as a 28-year old.

See, my parents didn't really allow me to be a kid much, as they pushed me into working a part-time job when I was 14! It was in a professional kitchen working as a Chef's Assistant. This turned into an apprenticeship through my high school years and by the time I was 18, one month prior to graduating from high school in fact, I had a full time job in one of Canada's top 10 restaurants with a budding career on the horizon. I never went to college and when I hit my late 20's and started thinking about finding a different career, my options were limited. That said, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt what I wanted to pursue and that was Event Planning. So, one night after a long day at the restaurant, Lisa and I started searching for ways to get me into this new career.

This is where I first found the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC. We had just moved to Kelowna six months prior, so we found it incredibly fortuitous that there was a college in Kelowna offering a one-year diploma program in Event & Promotions Management. I called in and claimed the last seat in their upcoming intake of students. The next year of my life was nothing short of life-changing as I was able to make my passion for events into my profession. I made friendships that I have maintained to this day, I learned life lessons I should have learnt ten years sooner, I met fascinating and successful people who helped me achieve my dreams and the school not only allowed me, but ENCOURAGED me to use their resources to create and start my new business venture during my time as a student. I came flying out of school having formed a fully incorporated business and within two weeks of graduation I was on the road producing a six-week long concert tour across Western Canada. Can you call that anything OTHER than "life-changing"? Ever since that day I've been an unofficial brand ambassador for them.

Now, I started by saying I was 28-years old when I attended. That's just my story, which I have now told you. I was in a class with 13 other students, most of whom were straight out of high school, or transferring from a different college because they weren't getting one-on-one attention or finding the specific classes they wanted. The Centre for Arts and Technology gives an unprecedented instructor to student ratio in ALL of the 19 programs they offer. With programs from Event Planning to Electronic Music Producer, Photography and Film Making to Audio Engineering and Early Childhood Education this school lives up to its name and reputation as being a leader in Arts and Technology.

Just to wrap this up, how do they now fit in with Parenting 101? Well, as I've just shared, I wouldn't be here without them and this event would have never been conceived. But not only that, The Centre for Arts and Technology is launching a brand new program called "Early Childhood Education". When they heard we are offering an entire track of breakout sessions specifically focused on Early Childhood Education at this years conference, they eagerly committed to present the entire track of sessions. With this commitment and support from The Centre for Arts and Technology, we can offer conference registrations to any Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Preschool Teacher, or Daycare worker at a discounted rate of $99 for the entire conference. Furthermore, we have arranged with Childhood Connections (formerly Kelowna Child Care Society) to provide any ECE's who attend with up to 4 hours of Professional Development credits.

If you are an ECE, you won't find a more engaging and valuable conference for this price point anywhere. The Early Childhood Education Track presented by the Centre for Arts and Technology features four sessions exploring topics such as Challenging Behaviours, Early Years Spaces, Cultural Exclusivity and Ages & Stages. Beyond that, you will also get to enjoy four keynote sessions from two speakers who both have infants/toddlers themselves, live entertainment on Friday night, meals, snacks & beverages, on-site childcare and more all included in your registration. REGISTER TODAY and then drop the Centre for Arts and Technology a note thanking them for helping us keep the price so low for you!


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