What I Want on Sunday Doesn't Come from the Store

You know that what Dad's REALLY want for Father's Day doesn't come from a store, right?

While socks can be trendy (have you SEEN my socks in our weekly "SockMadness" on our Instagram Stories?!?) and small gadgets or man cave toys are fun too, I think I speak for more Dads than just myself when I ask you (Moms) to remember what YOU asked for just a month ago for YOUR special day.

Did you ask for clothing and kitchen utensils? I doubt it. No, you wanted to be loved and appreciated in a special way. Breakfast in bed or taken out to brunch or maybe even being left at a hotel for the night. Not having to do the dishes, laundry or clean up was gift enough!

Well, us Dads are more similar than you may think. We just want to be loved and appreciated too. Maybe exchange the breakfast in bed with sex - a quickie before rolling out of bed to embrace the day. And seeing as most restaurants don't do Father's Day brunch the same way they do for Moms, consider getting a sitter and taking us out on a date night to our favourite "non family friendly" restaurant or pub.

And if you're REALLY in the spirit of giving, rather than setting him up in a hotel room all by himself - set up a round of golf for him with his best friend instead. Get him out of the house, away from the kids, away from work, away from all the stresses he is shouldering on a daily basis and let him clear his head for a few hours.

Oh, and if you've already ordered that tie that you're now second guessing... just package it up and let one of the kids give it to him. Trust me, watching my kids experience the joy of giving me a gift is one of the most wonderful things I've ever witnessed.

Sorry to spoil the fun you were planning to have shopping for a gift for dad this week!

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